Welcome to Nazi Germany

Blaming a country’s problem on a particular group of people. Wanting to ban and remove particular groups of people. Incarcerating a group of people instead of simply deporting them. Building camps to imprison groups of people.

These are all plays straight out of the Third Reich’s playbook, but they’re not happening in the 1940s, they’re happening now, in the United States. Trump and his administration of racist cronies keep pushing the nationalist agenda forward, and either bold face lying about it (“We are not separating children from their parents”) or doing it under the pretense of patriotism (“We’re separating families as required by law”).

Nazis 2: Electric Boogaloo

As if I weren’t already numb to the blatant intercession of religion in the U.S. government, not to mention how the NRA has made the government their bitch, now I find myself becoming numb to the fact that this country is slowly becoming Nazi Germany.

Republicans around the country are obsessed with the idea that “liberals are rooting against America”. Well, you’re fucking right they are, they’re rooting against the bigoted nation the United States has become, where it’s acceptable to refuse service to anyone you disagree with (legally or not, it no longer matters). It’s okay to treat minorities like shit just because they speak a language other than English. THAT is the America we’re rooting against.

It’s ironic that both liberals and conservatives want things to “go back to the way they used to be.” Conservatives want it to go back to where gays and minorities could be persecuted, and liberals want to go back to where conservatives weren’t shoving their selective biblethumping down our throats.

Final Solution: there is none

Unfortunately, I don’t see any compromise ever happening. Through the media, the internet, believers on both sides have become more united and more stubborn to stand by their beliefs, more stubborn to believe they’re right and their way is right. There is no compromise, there is no middle.

Short of rebooting the government completely and eliminating all lobbying and corporate donations and political parties and socio-political tags (i.e. Republica, Democrat, liberal, conservative, progressive, etc.) so that people are forced to listen to a candidates ideas rather than vote based on whose party they’re in, short of doing all that, there is nothing that can be done to unfuck the mess this country has become.

We’re past the event horizon, folks. Your best bet is to just mind your business and get out of everyone else’s way.

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