When something gets boring… stick with it

This is more a mental note to myself than anything. But perhaps someone else may find this of some use, a bit of motivation if you will.

I’m someone with a relatively short attention span. I get bored rather easily with things, and I hate to say it, with people as well. Let me backtrack; I wouldn’t say I get bored with people easily as much as I find them intolerable, I have a low threshold for stupidity and ineptitude. Hard to say, but I’m not one to shy away from the truth.

When something gets boring…

But as far as THINGS go, I do tend to have a restless attitude towards them. I’ve had countless hobbies in my lifetime, ranging from collecting cards or comics, to magic tricks, to soldering electronics, even making candles and homemade paper. They’re all fulfilling in the sense that they’re providing a challenge, and I guess once the challenge is gone, so is the fun.

There is also the fact that sometimes it becomes less fun when the challenge is too hard. A challenge is only fun when you overcome it; when it becomes an indomitable task, it becomes a chore, maybe even a punishment. You lose the motivation to overcome the challenge. And I’ll be the first to admit, that if often when I give up on any of the hobbies I mentioned above.

I have gotten better lately, however. Setting a minimum time on something helps; when I made my last go at earning money from producing artwork, I told myself I’d give it at least a year; one solid year of non-stop effort to make it happen. I actually ended up doing around 18 months before I came to the realization that people didn’t actually like my work. There are always those who say, “you should do it for yourself,” but when it comes to artwork, if there isn’t an audience for it, it doesn’t really work, does it? What’s the point of building a car if no one’s going to drive it, what’s the point of baking a cake if no one’s going to eat and enjoy it?

… stick with it.

This is the situation I’m in now, with my stock market program. I’ve mostly been paper trading over the past couple of weeks, haven’t worked on fixing anything or adding any new features as I’ve lacked the motivation. Being sick on and off for the past week hasn’t helped either, although I have to acknowledge that not working on my program because of it hasn’t bothered me in the least. So hopefully this evening, after work, I can hunker down at a Starbucks for a couple hours and pound out some good code to find my groove again.

Or I can just stay home and watch the season finale of Westworld 😛

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