Random Thought: Jesus ain’t coming back

It’s funny that as a non-believer, I have likely read more of the bible and probably think more about Christianity beliefs than most Christians have. Of course, it comes with the territory when you become a bit of a militant atheist like I have, you have to get to know your enemy better than they know themselves 😀 (and not “militant” in the “shut down religion at every opportunity including Christmas” kind of way, but in the “never pass an opportunity to prove them wrong” way).

By the same token, however, sometimes my mind will wonder off and come up with hypotheticals. For instance, the whole “second coming of Jesus” thing; it seems no one has realize, it’s already happened!

Re: Christ’s “resurrection”

Christians, particularly those obsessed with the end times, love to talk about “the second coming of Christ”, or his resurrection. They pray for the day Jesus comes back to judge everyone and bring upon the end of the world. But it seems they overlook one key element to the fairy tale:

Jesus already came back. It’s right there in the bible! “And on the third day, he rose again“. Jesus died, and then he was resurrected. That means he came once, as the son of Mary and Joseph, and then he came back again after dying on the cross. Per Christianity’s own guidebook, taking their words at face value!

Unless these people are talking about a SECOND resurrection, or a THIRD coming, guess what? It’s already happened, and… well, nothing happened.

To repeat: one of the basic and key elements of Christianity has already happened, and we’re still here!

Of course, this is disregarding the fact that there is no evidence that Jesus existed in the first place. This is purely based on the text of the bible and taking it at face value.

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