2017: A year of changes

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably noticed a post or two about comic books. After about a 15 year hiatus, I thought I’d give collecting comics another go, only this time, truly collect them. Before, from junior high to college, I would mostly go for whatever was hot, jumping around from title to title, never really finishing any of the serialized storylines. Popularity, art style and speculative value were the driving forces.

So what’s different today? Nostalgia, for one. Many of my followers and those I follow on Instagram would sometimes post comic book art, and it would take me back to my comic book days. I thought it would be neat to create collections around some of my favorite artists, all of whom were role models from my teenage years. Todd McFarlane, Bill Sienkiewicz, Ashley Wood, and a handful of others. Now that I’m an adult, I have the ability to buy some of the books I wasn’t able to before (especially because now with the comic industry crash, most of those books are in the 50 cent and dollar bins šŸ˜€ ). It also gives me a sense of accomplishment I never had before to be able to complete an arc or set of books, since I’m not randomly jumping from title to title.


My score from yesterday’s “Free Comic Book Day”. I got three freebies, X-O Manowar (it’s NOTHING like the one I know from the 90s), Keyser Soze (cuz The Usual Suspects fucking OWNS!), and The Incal (a comic by Alejandro Jodorowsky??) and then I bought a couple featuring the art of Bill Sienkiewicz @therealthatpolishguy , the latest Deathstroke and a really old issue of New Mutants, and Death’s Head II, which I believe is @liammccormacksharp first US work? At the very least it’s ONE of his firsts šŸ˜ I had hoped to visit at least one other shop yesterday, but as usual, real life intervened šŸ˜‹ . #artworks_artist #instaarthub #artes #artjournal #illustrationartists #artnerd #visualsgang #artistalley #artists #creativeart #art_we_inspire #artist #artlovers #artofinstagram #instaartistic #arts #artšŸŽØ

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Comic books are actually how I got into art and illustration to begin with; my friends in the 7th grade collected them and I checked them out, out of curiosity. Until then, I had only known the cartoon-ish style of comics from the 80s, or the ones that were sold at Mexican stores that were imported from south of the border that were more like the “funny pages” than actual comic books. But as the industry matured, so did the art, as well as the variety of art styles, and thus sparked my interest in drawing šŸ™‚

So among the other changes I’ve made this year, including attending more events like lectures and conventions, meeting people who I admire or whose work I enjoy (like going to Comic-Con Revolution a couple weeks ago, or Monsterpalooza last month), I’ve added comics into the mix, and I’ve dived into the deep end head first! I pulled out my modest collection from my school days (a big chunk of it was lost in an apartment flood) and started buying up various key issues, as I thought I’d give speculative buying a shot. Over the years I’ve learned to put aside “get rich quick” ideas and go for slow, measured attempts, and this time with the idea that if I can make any money on the comics, that it will pay for my personal artist collection. For example, I scored a copy of the first appearance of X-Men’s Gambit just this week, with the hope that it’ll go up in value once the Gambit movie starring Channing Tatum goes into pre-production. That’s the same reason behind my purchase of X-Force #11, the first appearance of Domino, who will feature in the upcoming Deadpool sequel.

And all this has led to another itch in the back of my head that I will discuss in a later blog post šŸ˜€

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