Big changes, trying to get organized!

Just a small post I wanted to make because I’m putting into place a few changes among my social media accounts, as I’ve been getting busier and busier and trying to keep them all “up to date” is getting harder and harder!

So here are some of the changes:

  • In an attempt to “unify” my social media accounts, I tried to change my Twitter handle from “sketchman9” to “artistcannotfail” (like on my other accounts), but unfortunately Twitter limits not only their tweets but their handles as well, so I couldn’t fit it in; so instead, the Twitter handle is now @artistcantfail.
  • I’ve also changed the short URL for my Facebook page; it used to be, but it is now
  • Aside from the account name changes, I’m going to attempt a little reorganization of them; until recently, I’ve been basically posting the same stuff across all my accounts. So I’m thinking of implementing the following changes:
    • Postings will be “realtime” on my Instagram account (in other words, nothing will change). That is where I’m gaining the most traction and getting the most responses so I will be concentrating my efforts there for the time being.
    • I will only be posting onto the Facebook page when I have completed artwork; I will be posting either only the finished piece, or the finished piece and all the WIPs all at the same time, I haven’t decided which yet.
    • My Tumblr account has been mostly an after-thought, but I’m thinking from now on, I’ll reserve it for more experimental and NSFW postings.
    • Haven’t decided what to do with the Twitter account yet, since until now I’ve only used it sparingly to repost my Instagram, but I would like to integrate it into my social presence more. If anyone has any ideas, I’m open to suggestion!

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