I finally have a website!

After quite a few years (what’s it been, four, five?) of not having a website of my own, I’ve finally hunkered down and gotten it done! Truth be told, I didn’t really have anything worthwhile to share in that time, so there was never an urgency to put up a website… but now that I’ve refocused my efforts on my art and illustration, I realized that relying on social media sites wasn’t going to cut it.

Since April of this year (2016), I have been working full bore (well, as close to full bore as possible, what with having a full-time job and all) on reigniting my desire to build a career in art. My previous attempts were short-sighted, and quite frankly, lazy 🙂 I had wanted to do far too many things at once, also while having a full-time job, and was of the mindset that if it didn’t yield immediate results, it wasn’t worth pursuing. To make matters worse, however, my few “successes” in landing creative jobs soured me on the idea, as I’d either have a bad experience doing the work itself, or would be screwed over by the client when they would deny payment or change the project’s parameters and expect me to not increase my rate.

But that seems to be a lifetime ago now. Priorities have changed, experiences have been had, maturity has been achieved (does that even make sense?). This time, I’m doubling my efforts to pursue a life of artistic freedom and expression and so far it’s been going pretty well, far better than before. Hopefully, things will continue going this way!

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