Making the most of the holiday break

The holidays are upon us! I intended on writing this post a few days earlier, but as often is the case, reality interferes 🙂

Not much new to report, other than a reminder that the Pancakes & Booze Art Show is now just over 3 weeks away! If you live in the Los Angeles area or are planning to visit on January 20/21, you should come by and check it out! Admission is only $10 and only at the door, but you can buy VIP tickets for like $15 by clicking here.

I was hoping to get a lot more artwork done during the holiday break but aside from having to work a couple days, I’ve been doing other things, such as trying to fix up and rearrange my apartment home; trying to maximize the space I have and more importantly trying to create dedicated spaces for the various things I do, such as having a space dedicated to painting and drawing (rather than having to clear out my desk or move stuff around to make space for my easel and paints, etc. every time I want to paint something). But alas, trivial things like Youtube and Facebook tend to distract me far too much LOL

I have, however, managed to complete two pieces I particularly like. One of them is a hand study which I had hoped to keep rather rough and loose, but, as is often the case, came out rather detailed, but it’s still a piece I liked very much. And I’m glad to see how well-received it was, as well!

The other one is actually rather unfortunate, that being a tribute piece to Carrie Fisher who sadly died yesterday. While most (if not everyone) who created artistic tributes to her chose to capture her as Princess Leia, I thought it was more appropriate to portray her in her best role: as Carrie Fisher 🙂

There are a couple other images in line at the moment; before I worked on my Carrie Fisher image, I was working on one of Robert DeNiro as Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver. And it was quite well along before I felt the need to work on the Fisher tribute. But I will be resuming my work on it later tonight.

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