This past weekend was quite a “happening” weekend! I finally got to attend the movie monster convention “Monsterpalooza”, after many years of failing to do so (because I wouldn’t remember the event until after it had passed LOL).

It was quite an experience! Among the exhibitors were many awesome artists, like Simon Lee and the Shiflett Brothers (had a chat with Brandon, very cool guy!) Many make-up and product demos, collectible displays and more. Quite an exhausting event, so much so I was actually close to getting leg cramps from walking and standing for almost 5 hours non-stop 🙂

I also got a feel for what it takes to be a vendor at a convention (half the reason for attending). Quite a wide variety of vendors, many of them offering prints as well as statues and kits, but also unique items like masks, puppets and more. Definitely got some ideas to help me out with my art career.

Here are some highlight photos from the show! I’m looking forward to attending next year!

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