So I alluded to a big project that I had in the works in my last blog post. I had hoped to get a little further along (like, halfway) with the project before spilling the beans, but as is my usual, I can’t help myself 🙂 So here goes:

I am happy to announce that I am currently working on what has long been a desire of mine: my own comic book! This has actually gone through many iterations since I’ve begun working on it, as I’ve got just oh so many ideas! Ever since high school (many moons ago) I’ve tried multiple times to produce my own comic book, with various themes and characters, to no avail. What makes me think I can pull it off this time? My newly found gift of patience 😀

The book is titled “Chimerical“, and features a boy named Morgan and his dog, Woofles. In the first issue, Morgan will find himself in an odd situation wherein his imagination starts to become reality. I will be publishing them under the “Reprise Comics” banner (more on the meaning behind the name another time).

“First issue”? Yes, this will be a series. As if making one book weren’t difficult enough, I’m planning on making this a series of books (tentatively aiming for bi-monthly). I’m currently planning on an ambitious 12-issue run, although between now and then, I’m open to things changing. And quite honestly, let’s be realistic – if the interest isn’t there, I will cut the series short. After all, this is not just an investment of my time, but I will be throwing quite a big chunk of money at this, publishing the series. If I do get to complete the series, however, I will release a trade paperback collecting all the issues.

And therein is the other caveat that I’m hoping will make producing this comic book more feasible for me: rather than following the prescribed common format of 24 to 32 pages per issue, I’m going to start with just 16 pages, to help at least get the series going, and making them smaller, as well (what’s known in the industry as “ashcan size”). I’ve just finished page 5 today, so I feel I’m off to a decent, albeit very slow, start. I’m struggling with my previous schedule of painting every night to make progress on the book, and anyone following my Instagram and Facebook pages have definitely noticed that. I’m going to try to produce at least two pages a week, so that the first issue can be wrapped up within the next couple of months, and I’d very much like to have the second issue finished, or at least all drawn out, before I release the first one, to give me some buffer to keep the series on schedule (plus that is also the industry standard, to publish issues 2 or 3 months down the line). I’d really hate to have to make it a quarterly book!

I do have the plots for at least 6 issues written down, and I’ve got full scripts for the first two issues complete (although fine-tuning all the time), so although I’ve only finished 5 pages of artwork over the past month, I’ve actually made great progress (which is why I’m optimistic I will finish at least two issues 🙂 ). As I said, my newfound patience, and also determination, stemming from my productivity creating artwork over the past 15 months, has greatly helped, along with the discipline of my past moviemaking experience. I’ve actually found it similar, working out plots, writing scripts, etc., to the pre-production phase of making a movie, only this time, I’m shooting the movie all by myself, and the actors aren’t in front of a camera, they’re inside my head 😀

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