About Enrique

Hello, fellow internet user! I appreciate you visiting my website and taking an interest in what I will be offering here as time goes on.

Over the past 20 years my interests have changed, but ultimately they’ve all revolved around the internet in one way or another. My very first website, a Gillian Anderson fan site on Geocities (for those too young to know what that was, it was a web community like Tumblr, except instead of just reposting everyone else’s content, you’d create your own and run it as a website instead of a blog), helped me celebrate my first celebrity crush and in fact was one of the earliest notable Gillian Anderson websites at the time!

Various other fan sites followed over the years, most of them centered around the entertainment field. In fact, while running some of these sites, I had attended film school and began a blog sharing my experiences both as a film student and in motion picture production. However the latter didn’t last long as my views on the movie business soured after gaining some first-hand experience on the back end of things. Needless to say, the industry runs on ass-kissing (under the guise of “networking”), something I can’t tolerate nor have the patience for.

I’ve done a fair share of “soul-searching” since then, trying a number of entrepreneurial ventures, again, online. I had a nice little DVD re-selling gig for a while, followed by cellular accessories and ultimately collectibles. They were all profitable to a point, but required too much effort for the little profit they did generate.

The most successful, although not quite a business venture, was my small row in the stock market. Using my modest knowledge of PHP coding and databases, coupled with a crash course in how the stock market works, I managed to scrounge together a little program that would analyze the stocks in the main markets (AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE and OTCBB), and simulating a simple trading method, would single out which stocks were “recommended” for buying or selling at any given time. It wasn’t a smashing success my any means, but after 8 months I did manage to get out with an 8% profit (which would’ve been higher if not for those pesky commissions!). A lot of luck went into that 8% profit as just before climbing up to it, my portfolio was down around 10%!

To summarize, some of the main topics I’ll be covering on this blog will be my personal insights on the stock market, politics and religion (be warned, atheist on deck!), as well as entertainment, such as my favorite shows (Westworld, Mr. Robot) and movies.