About Enrique Garcia

Enrique Garcia is a traditionally-trained illustrator with experience in various mediums, including pencil, paint and sculpture, who over time graduated to digital painting and illustration. Drawing from an early age, Enrique originally intended on being a comic book artist, modeling his style after popular artists of the time, such as Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Adam Kubert and Stephen Platt.

His professional career as an illustrator began in, of all places, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he started out as a summer assistant. His skills were used to visualize new technologies and projects for presentations, and eventually in public outreach, including an online Flash-based cartoon that he developed and produced, where real-world scientific figures were interviewed.

Enrique followed this up by transitioning to entertainment, working on illustrations and print designs for film and TV show distributors such as Lionsgate Films, Focus Features and Sony Pictures. He has had the opportunity to display his work on movie key art, websites, publicity displays and trade show booths.

Among other things Enrique has done, he has written, directed and produced two short movies, both of which were featured in film festivals, the last one winning multiple awards and featured internationally as part of the U.S. Embassy’s culture program. He has also produced digital effects for multiple independent movies. Enrique is based in Southern California and currently enjoys playing and making tabletop games.