Tag: project

3 Dec, 2020

I should know better but I don’t

Just when I thought things had settled down, two more major changes are now underway. First, recent download problems of the price data have resulted in my being guided toward a better download solution, but one which will require me to once again rewrite a good portion of my download code. Hopefully this will be […]
15 Nov, 2020

That thing where real life gets in the way

So I’ve neglected my duties of conquering the stock market with my little project. Since around mid-October, I’ve been having some long-overdue dental work done. Long story short, I need a lot of work done, which is being spread out over the next 2-3 months. Because of this, I’ve fallen behind on my project as […]
22 Oct, 2020

The neverending process of programming something

The struggle continues! Despite my previously posted hope that I’d be trading soon (at the very least, paper trading), things have continued to pop up that need dealing with. At first the issue was that I kept adding or changing things to make them better and more efficient. As I was adding more and more […]
17 Sep, 2020

Hoping for live trading soon!

I’ve been working on my code like a dog this whole time and have made some major progress recently. One major change is to the “decision making” part of the code, the one that decides whether or not to execute a trade. Before, it was a large series of “triggers”, a bunch of if/else statements […]
24 Aug, 2020

Some technical insight into my program

I haven’t explained much about what my program is actually doing (or attempting to do, rather), so I think now would be a good time to do so, if only for posterity. I’m by no means an expert programmer or stock trader; my highest hopes right now is for this to generate me some extra […]
22 Sep, 2018

Do I know what I’m doing? There’s a 33% chance I do

As I mentioned elsewhere, in my free time I’m working on a PHP-based program to analyze the stock market and choose which stocks to trade. The idea being to run a basic trading method against all stocks, rank them based on results and success and then buy one of the top results the program spits out […]
19 Jun, 2018

My attempt to conquer the stock market

A few years ago, I made a rather bold and interesting dive into the stock market. I had only a layman’s knowledge of the stock market, what it was and how it worked. I had no idea what it took to actually own stock in a company, the different types of accounts available, etc. So […]