Tag: troubleshooting

20 Dec, 2020

More big delays

Just when I thought I was turning the corner, another major setback; the house I live in has been having electrical problems, which started out with annoying voltage drops (lights flickering, device brownouts), and eventually graduated to blown-out circuit breakers. I’m not sure if the breaker panel is just that old or what but the […]
3 Dec, 2020

I should know better but I don’t

Just when I thought things had settled down, two more major changes are now underway. First, recent download problems of the price data have resulted in my being guided toward a better download solution, but one which will require me to once again rewrite a good portion of my download code. Hopefully this will be […]
28 Nov, 2020

Has my program been saved already??

I may have been prematurely pessimistic in my post last night! It seems that the problem that was causing my inconsistent results wasn’t variable or adjusted settings, but rather a carry over from old code. Previously, I was analyzing prices as my info was populated, and now I populate my pricing data first, then analyze […]
27 Nov, 2020

I spoke too soon!

It seems my questionable enthusiasm in my last post was warranted; after a whole week of live testing, I’ve encountered a major problem, one that’s seriously gumming up the works. I had begun working on a front-end for my program, one that would both output all the day’s buys and sells, as well as more […]