Month: November 2020

28 Nov, 2020

Has my program been saved already??

I may have been prematurely pessimistic in my post last night! It seems that the problem that was causing my inconsistent results wasn’t variable or adjusted settings, but rather a carry over from old code. Previously, I was analyzing prices as my info was populated, and now I populate my pricing data first, then analyze […]
27 Nov, 2020

I spoke too soon!

It seems my questionable enthusiasm in my last post was warranted; after a whole week of live testing, I’ve encountered a major problem, one that’s seriously gumming up the works. I had begun working on a front-end for my program, one that would both output all the day’s buys and sells, as well as more […]
21 Nov, 2020

So close, I can taste it!

The endgame is nigh! Well, the first endgame, anyways. If you know programming/coding, then you know you’re never really finished, there will always be bugs to squish and code to optimize or functions to update. But the first major “release” of my program is so damn close, I can taste it 😀 BTW, I’m not […]
15 Nov, 2020

That thing where real life gets in the way

So I’ve neglected my duties of conquering the stock market with my little project. Since around mid-October, I’ve been having some long-overdue dental work done. Long story short, I need a lot of work done, which is being spread out over the next 2-3 months. Because of this, I’ve fallen behind on my project as […]